Baby Octopus 6.95

     Marinated baby octopus with sesame seed mixed with sesame oil sauc

Seafood Sunomono 7.95

     Mix seafood and dice cucumber with tangy rice vinegar

Spicy Tuna Salad 8.95

     Diced tuna , cucumber, scallions mixed in spicy sauce and sesame oil

Sushi Appetizer 8.95

     4 pcs of fresh fish (chef’s choice), 1 imitation crab and 1 shrimp

Hamachi Fusion 9.95

     Slice of fish with fresh garlic cilantro & jalapeno finish with yuzu sauce



Tokyo Tower 9.95

     Chopped tuna, scallions, sesame seed, tobiko mixed with special spicy honey sauce served with fried wonton chip

Tuna Tataki 9.95

     Seared on the outside served with ponzu sauce

Sashimi Appetizer 10.95

     9 pcs of fresh fish (chef’s choice)




Kobi Roll 10.95

     Rare thin slices of fried tuna sashimi wrapped in seaweed, sprinkled with tempura flakes, flavored with spicy mayo, wasabi cream and finished with masago